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DriverMessaging.h File Reference

#include "Shared/plistCollections.h"
#include "Shared/plistSpecialty.h"
#include <string>
#include <set>
#include <map>
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class  DriverMessaging::Listener
 Interface for drivers to receive messages, see addListener() and removeListener(). More...
class  DriverMessaging::Message
 Base class for all driver messages, this subclasses XMLLoadSave in case we want to serialize for messages from non-threaded (full multi-process) IPC, or offboard computation. More...
class  DriverMessaging::LoadPrediction
 Encodes a set of load predictions for joints so driver can offset target positions accordingly. More...
class  DriverMessaging::SensorPriority
 Indicates priority of polling outputs/buttons/sensors, for those drivers which must actively poll for sensor data. More...
class  DriverMessaging::ContactPoint
class  DriverMessaging::FixedPoints
 For simulation purposes, notifies visualizer to hold the specified points fixed relative to the world, and move the base frame instead. More...


namespace  DriverMessaging

Functions and data structures for sending messages from "user land" (behavior in Main, or motion commands in Motion) to drivers in the hardware abstraction layer.


void DriverMessaging::addListener (Listener *l, const char *const t)
 allows drivers to subscribe to messages
void DriverMessaging::removeListener (Listener *l, const char *const t)
 allows drivers to unsubscribe from messages
void DriverMessaging::removeListener (Listener *l)
 allows drivers to unsubscribe from all messages
bool DriverMessaging::hasListener (const char *const t)
 returns true if any drivers are subscribed to the specified message class
void DriverMessaging::postMessage (const Message &d)
 posts a message to all subscribing drivers

Detailed Description

Ethan Tira-Thompson (ejt) (Creator)

Definition in file DriverMessaging.h.

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