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If you want a more general overview of what this software does and how the pieces fit together, you may want to visit the overview. Don't forget there are also tutorials available.

Library Sub-Documentation:

Tekkotsu Documentation:

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MotionManager MotionCommand WorldState SoundManager
LedEngine PostureEngine MotionSequenceEngine WalkMC
ERS7Info ProjectInterface Socket Wireless

Documentation Download:

If you would like to obtain a local copy of the reference materials, you may download a tarball of this site:

If you're using the most recent version from the CVS repository, you can build the corresponding documentation locally by typing make docs in the root Tekkotsu directory.

External Documentation:

We have integrated two independent libraries: the newmat matrix library and the ROBOOP kinematics library. We mirror their own doxygen documentation on our site so that our documentation can link to it. You can directly access these libraries' documentation with the Library Sub-Documentation links given above.

In addition, we provide precompiled copies of several other libraries for the AIBO platform. You may wish to make use of their references as well:

  • libjpeg - lossy image compression
  • libpng - lossless image compression
  • libxml2 - XML generation and parsing
  • zlib - compression utilities

This code is originally based on an early version of CMU's 2002 Legged RoboSoccer entry, CMPack.  WalkMC and the CMVision library still fall under their license.  This license is also included in the files themselves.

Note that although we include the CMVision classes within our reference section, CMVision does not have any inline doxygen documentation.  However, there is some external documentation as compressed postscript and PDF.

This file is found at docs/html/index.html, which overwrites the doxygen generated page.