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plist::ArrayBase::DeniedValueConversions Struct Reference

Indicates that no value conversions are allowed. More...

#include <plistCollections.h>

Detailed Description

Indicates that no value conversions are allowed.

The actual storage type is still allowed, so technically we could use EntryConstraint<PO> instead as the conversion policy, but that doesn't gain anything because you would need to know the PO to test for it. At least with this you can test for DeniedValueConversions as a base class and then fall back to testing individual PO's if you want.

Definition at line 944 of file plistCollections.h.

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~DeniedValueConversions ()
 no-op destructor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual plist::ArrayBase::DeniedValueConversions::~DeniedValueConversions (  )  [virtual]

no-op destructor

Definition at line 945 of file plistCollections.h.

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