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Kodu::KoduPrimitive Class Reference

Kodu Primitive. More...

#include <KoduPrimitive.h>

Inheritance diagram for Kodu::KoduPrimitive:

Detailed Description

Kodu Primitive.

Definition at line 14 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 KoduPrimitive (const std::string &kPrimitiveType)
 KoduPrimitive (const KoduPrimitive &kPrimitive)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~KoduPrimitive ()
KoduPrimitiveoperator= (const KoduPrimitive &kPrimitive)
 Assignment operator.
const std::string & getPrimitiveType () const
 Returns the name of the derived primitive.
virtual void reinitialize ()
 Used to reinitialize certain variables (e.g. when switching to another page).
virtual void printAttrs () const
 Prints the attributes for a particular primitive (pure virtual function).
bool agentCanUsePrimitive () const
void setAgentCanUsePrimitive (bool bval)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isSameTypeAs (const KoduPrimitive *)
 Tests if the primitive argument is the same as the calling class.

Protected Attributes

std::string primitiveType
 The name of the derived primitive.
bool agentCanUseThisPrimitive

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Kodu::KoduPrimitive::KoduPrimitive ( const std::string &  kPrimitiveType  ) 


Definition at line 17 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

Kodu::KoduPrimitive::KoduPrimitive ( const KoduPrimitive kPrimitive  ) 

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 23 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

virtual Kodu::KoduPrimitive::~KoduPrimitive (  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 29 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Kodu::KoduPrimitive::agentCanUsePrimitive (  )  const
const std::string& Kodu::KoduPrimitive::getPrimitiveType (  )  const

Returns the name of the derived primitive.

Definition at line 43 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

Referenced by KoduInterpreter::KoduConditionEvaluator::doStart().

static bool Kodu::KoduPrimitive::isSameTypeAs ( const KoduPrimitive  )  [static]
KoduPrimitive& Kodu::KoduPrimitive::operator= ( const KoduPrimitive kPrimitive  ) 

Assignment operator.

Definition at line 34 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

void Kodu::KoduPrimitive::setAgentCanUsePrimitive ( bool  bval  ) 

Member Data Documentation

std::string Kodu::KoduPrimitive::primitiveType [protected]

The name of the derived primitive.

Definition at line 70 of file KoduPrimitive.h.

Referenced by getPrimitiveType(), operator=(), and printAttrs().

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