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GenericRRT< NODE, N > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GenericRRT< NODE, N >, including all inherited members.
addNode(std::vector< NODE > *tree, const NodeValue_t &q, unsigned int parent)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
addObstaclesToShapeSpace(ShapeSpace &space, const fmat::Transform &t=fmat::Transform()) const GenericRRT< NODE, N >
buildPath(const std::vector< NODE > *treeStart, const std::vector< NODE > *treeEnd, std::vector< NodeValue_t > &path)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected, virtual]
ccGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
dumpTree(const std::vector< NODE > &tree, const std::string &header="")GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
END_COLLIDES enum valueGenericRRTBase
extend(std::vector< NODE > *tree, const NodeValue_t &q, bool truncate, bool searchingBackwards)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [private]
extendingInterpolationStepGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
GenericRRT(typename NODE::CollisionChecker *collCheck, AdmissibilityPredicate< NODE > *predicate=NULL)GenericRRT< NODE, N >
GenericRRT(const GenericRRT &other)GenericRRT< NODE, N >
getCC()GenericRRT< NODE, N >
initialize(const NodeValue_t &start, std::vector< NODE > &treeStartResult, const NodeValue_t &end, std::vector< NODE > &treeEndResult)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected, virtual]
lowerLimitsGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
MAX_ITER enum valueGenericRRTBase
nearestNode(std::vector< NODE > *tree, const NodeValue_t &target)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [private]
NodeValue_t typedefGenericRRT< NODE, N >
operator=(const GenericRRT &)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [private]
PlannerResult2D typedefGenericRRTBase
PlannerResult3D typedefGenericRRTBase
planPath(const NodeValue_t &start, const NodeValue_t &end, unsigned int maxIterations, std::vector< NodeValue_t > *pathResult=NULL, std::vector< NODE > *treeStartResult=NULL, std::vector< NODE > *treeEndResult=NULL)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
PlanPathResultCode enum nameGenericRRTBase
predicateGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
setExtendingInterpolation(const NodeValue_t &_extendingInterpolationStep)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
setInterpolation(const NodeValue_t &_interpolationStep)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
setLimits(const NodeValue_t &_lowerLimits, const NodeValue_t &_upperLimits)GenericRRT< NODE, N >
setSmoothingInterpolation(const NodeValue_t &_smoothingInterpolationStep)GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
smoothingInterpolationStepGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
START_COLLIDES enum valueGenericRRTBase
SUCCESS enum valueGenericRRTBase
upperLimitsGenericRRT< NODE, N > [protected]
~GenericRRT()GenericRRT< NODE, N > [virtual]
~GenericRRTBase()GenericRRTBase [virtual]

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