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PerceptionSearch.h File Reference

#include "DualCoding/AgentData.h"
#include "DualCoding/ShapeAgent.h"
#include "DualCoding/ShapeCylinder.h"
#include "DualCoding/ShapeFuns.h"
#include "DualCoding/ShapeRoot.h"
#include "DualCoding/VRmixin.h"
#include "Crew/MapBuilder.h"
#include "Shared/Measures.h"
#include <cstdlib>
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class  Kodu::HasAprilTagID
class  Kodu::IsMatchForTargetObject
class  Kodu::IsNotWorldShape
class  Kodu::IsStar
class  Kodu::IsShapeOfType
class  Kodu::IsNotExcludedShape
class  Kodu::ClearSelfShape


namespace  Kodu




enum  Kodu::Direction_t { Kodu::DT_EAST = 0, Kodu::DT_NORTH = 1L << 1, Kodu::DT_SOUTH = 1L << 2, Kodu::DT_WEST = 1L << 3 }

Specifies the four main directions (north, east, south, and west).

enum  Kodu::SearchLocation_t {
  Kodu::SL_UNRESTRICTED = 0, Kodu::SL_BEHIND = 1L << 1, Kodu::SL_IN_FRONT = 1L << 2, Kodu::SL_TO_LEFT = 1L << 3,
  Kodu::SL_TO_RIGHT = 1L << 4, Kodu::SL_CLOSE_BY = 1L << 5, Kodu::SL_FAR_AWAY = 1L << 6

Specifies what region(s) the agent should focus on when using conditions such as see and bump.



Direction_t Kodu::operator| (Direction_t dt1, Direction_t dt2)
 Logical OR operation.
Direction_t Kodu::operator& (Direction_t dt1, Direction_t dt2)
 Logical AND operation.
SearchLocation_t Kodu::operator| (SearchLocation_t rs1, SearchLocation_t rs2)
 Logical OR operation.
SearchLocation_t Kodu::operator|= (SearchLocation_t rs1, SearchLocation_t rs2)
 Logicial OR Equals operation.
SearchLocation_t Kodu::operator& (SearchLocation_t rs1, SearchLocation_t rs2)
 Logical AND operation.
float Kodu::bearingFromAgentToPoint (const Point &)
 Calculate the bearing from the agent's position and orientation to a specified point.
float Kodu::bearingFromAgentToObject (const ShapeRoot &)
 Calcaulate the bearing from the agent's position and orientation to a specified shape.
float Kodu::distanceFromAgentToPoint (const Point &)
 Calculates the distance between the agent's and a specified point's centroids.
float Kodu::distanceFromAgentToObject (const ShapeRoot &)
 Calculates the distance between the agent's and a specified shape's centroids.
float Kodu::distanceInBetweenAgentAndObject (const ShapeRoot &)
 Calculates the length of the open space in between the agent and a specified shape.
float Kodu::objectRadius (const ShapeRoot &)
 Calculates the perceived radius of a target shape.
ShapeRoot Kodu::getClosestObject (const std::vector< ShapeRoot > &)
 Returns the closest shape/object to the agent.
ShapeRoot Kodu::getClosestObjectToPoint (const std::vector< ShapeRoot > &, const Point &)
 Returns the closest object to a specified point (ASSUMES point and shapes are in SAME shape space).
std::vector< ShapeRoot > Kodu::getObjectsLocated (const std::vector< ShapeRoot > &, SearchLocation_t)
 Returns the objects located in the specified region(s) relative to the agent orientation.
std::vector< ShapeRoot > Kodu::getMatchingObjects (const std::vector< ShapeRoot > &kObjects, const std::string &kColor, const std::string &kType)
 Returns the objects that are a specified color.
ShapeRoot Kodu::getClosestObjectMatching (const std::string &color, const std::string &type, SearchLocation_t location, const ShapeRoot &kExcludedShape=ShapeRoot())
 Returns the closest object that matches the specified criteria (excluding the specified shape).

Define Documentation

#define PERCEPTION_SEARCH ( Dir   ) 
class Is##Dir##Agent : public UnaryShapeRootPred {              \
    public:                                                                     \
        Is##Dir##Agent() : UnaryShapeRootPred() { }                 \
        ~Is##Dir##Agent() { }                                                   \
        bool operator()(const ShapeRoot&) const;                    \

Definition at line 160 of file PerceptionSearch.h.

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