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BoundingBox< N, T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BoundingBox< N, T >, including all inherited members.
ALL_EXCLUSIVEBoundingBox< N, T > [static]
ALL_INCLUSIVEBoundingBox< N, T > [static]
BoundingBox()BoundingBox< N, T >
BoundingBox(T xmin, T ymin, T xmax, T ymax)BoundingBox< N, T >
BoundingBox(const BoundingBox< N, R > &bb)BoundingBox< N, T >
BoundingBox(const BoundingBox< D, R > &bb, bool inclusive=true)BoundingBox< N, T > [explicit]
BoundingBox(const P &p)BoundingBox< N, T > [explicit]
BoundingBox(const P &_min, const P &_max)BoundingBox< N, T > [explicit]
clear()BoundingBox< N, T >
collides(const P &p) const BoundingBox< N, T >
collides(const BoundingBox &bb) const BoundingBox< N, T >
empty() const BoundingBox< N, T >
expand(const fmat::Column< N, R > &p)BoundingBox< N, T >
expand(const fmat::SubVector< N, R > &p)BoundingBox< N, T >
expand(const P &p)BoundingBox< N, T >
expand(const BoundingBox &bb)BoundingBox< N, T >
getCenter() const BoundingBox< N, T >
getCorner(size_t x) const BoundingBox< N, T >
getDimension(size_t x) const BoundingBox< N, T >
getDimensions() const BoundingBox< N, T >
getRandom() const BoundingBox< N, T >
maxBoundingBox< N, T >
minBoundingBox< N, T >
operator!=(const BoundingBox &bb) const BoundingBox< N, T >
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const BoundingBox &bb)BoundingBox< N, T > [friend]
operator==(const BoundingBox &bb) const BoundingBox< N, T >
recenter(const fmat::Column< N > &c)BoundingBox< N, T >
rotate(fmat::Matrix< N, N > r)BoundingBox< N, T >
transform(const fmat::Matrix< N, N > &r, const fmat::Column< N > &x)BoundingBox< N, T >
translate(const fmat::Column< N > &x)BoundingBox< N, T >

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