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newmatap.h File Reference

#include "newmat.h"
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class  NEWMAT::SymmetricEigenAnalysis
class  NEWMAT::FFT_Controller
class  NEWMAT::MultiRadixCounter


namespace  NEWMAT


void NEWMAT::QRZT (Matrix &X, LowerTriangularMatrix &L)
void NEWMAT::QRZT (const Matrix &X, Matrix &Y, Matrix &M)
void NEWMAT::QRZ (Matrix &X, UpperTriangularMatrix &U)
void NEWMAT::QRZ (const Matrix &X, Matrix &Y, Matrix &M)
void NEWMAT::HHDecompose (Matrix &X, LowerTriangularMatrix &L)
void NEWMAT::HHDecompose (const Matrix &X, Matrix &Y, Matrix &M)
void NEWMAT::UpdateQRZT (Matrix &X, LowerTriangularMatrix &L)
void NEWMAT::UpdateQRZ (Matrix &X, UpperTriangularMatrix &U)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::Cholesky (const SymmetricMatrix &S)
ReturnMatrix NEWMAT::Cholesky (const SymmetricBandMatrix &S)
void NEWMAT::UpdateCholesky (UpperTriangularMatrix &chol, RowVector r1Modification)
void NEWMAT::DowndateCholesky (UpperTriangularMatrix &chol, RowVector x)
void NEWMAT::RightCircularUpdateCholesky (UpperTriangularMatrix &chol, int k, int l)
void NEWMAT::LeftCircularUpdateCholesky (UpperTriangularMatrix &chol, int k, int l)
void NEWMAT::SVD (const Matrix &, DiagonalMatrix &, Matrix &, Matrix &, bool=true, bool=true)
void NEWMAT::SVD (const Matrix &, DiagonalMatrix &)
void NEWMAT::SVD (const Matrix &A, DiagonalMatrix &D, Matrix &U, bool withU=true)
void NEWMAT::SortSV (DiagonalMatrix &D, Matrix &U, bool ascending=false)
void NEWMAT::SortSV (DiagonalMatrix &D, Matrix &U, Matrix &V, bool ascending=false)
void NEWMAT::Jacobi (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D)
void NEWMAT::Jacobi (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D, SymmetricMatrix &A)
void NEWMAT::Jacobi (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D, Matrix &V)
void NEWMAT::Jacobi (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D, SymmetricMatrix &A, Matrix &V, bool eivec)
void NEWMAT::EigenValues (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D)
void NEWMAT::EigenValues (const SymmetricMatrix &X, DiagonalMatrix &D, SymmetricMatrix &A)
void NEWMAT::EigenValues (const SymmetricMatrix &A, DiagonalMatrix &D, Matrix &Z)
void NEWMAT::SortAscending (GeneralMatrix &)
void NEWMAT::SortDescending (GeneralMatrix &)
void NEWMAT::FFT (const ColumnVector &U, const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &X, ColumnVector &Y)
void NEWMAT::FFTI (const ColumnVector &U, const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &X, ColumnVector &Y)
void NEWMAT::RealFFT (const ColumnVector &U, ColumnVector &X, ColumnVector &Y)
void NEWMAT::RealFFTI (const ColumnVector &A, const ColumnVector &B, ColumnVector &U)
void NEWMAT::DCT_II (const ColumnVector &U, ColumnVector &V)
void NEWMAT::DCT_II_inverse (const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &U)
void NEWMAT::DST_II (const ColumnVector &U, ColumnVector &V)
void NEWMAT::DST_II_inverse (const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &U)
void NEWMAT::DCT (const ColumnVector &U, ColumnVector &V)
void NEWMAT::DCT_inverse (const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &U)
void NEWMAT::DST (const ColumnVector &U, ColumnVector &V)
void NEWMAT::DST_inverse (const ColumnVector &V, ColumnVector &U)
void NEWMAT::FFT2 (const Matrix &U, const Matrix &V, Matrix &X, Matrix &Y)
void NEWMAT::FFT2I (const Matrix &U, const Matrix &V, Matrix &X, Matrix &Y)

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