Tekkotsu Source Code

The Tekkotsu source package includes everything you need to run in simulation (Mirage) or on a robot.

Installation instructions depend on where you are installing Tekkotsu:

Once you have installed and built Tekkotsu, you may wish to learn more about execution and the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) command line environment.


Mirage provides a 3D simulation environment with support for physics. The Mirage source code is included with the Tekkotsu distribution, however it requires some additional steps to install the prerequisite libraries.

Instructions are provided on the Mirage homepage, however specialized Linux installation instructions are archived on the wiki.

Storyboard Viewer

by Akkarit Sangpetch and Owen Durni

Allows you to graphically view State Machine status, and record execution traces with rich media logging. Written using the Eclipse development framework, requires Java 1.6.

See the Storyboard tutorial page for more information.

Linux Installation: copy storyboard-executable to Tekkotsu/tools, you can then run Storyboard from the Tekkotsu/tools/bin directory. (hint: put Tekkotsu/tools/bin on your $PATH)

Mac Installation: put the application anywhere you like. Double click to launch.


The EasierTrain tool performs automatic object segmentation for faster color classification. Tekkotsu includes a ‘EasyTrain’ tool which requires manual specification of colorspace boundaries, so if you expect to do a lot of color calibration you may wish to install this tool instead.

Reference Documentation

Downloadable package for offline viewing: